Assignment 6

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I think that the bird ws really cool, it should be a special effect on a movie or something. Because it repeats everything that it hears from chainsaws to cars and that goes to show that nature and the city intertwine.


assigment 4

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okay so first of all im going to quote lady gaga and say “i was born this way and god makes no mistakes”. everyone should go by that. The media betrays women to be this very skinny model look alike’s and when other women see that there going to have low self esteem and most of the time they even starve  there self to look like the women on the t.v or in a music video and that lead to women being depressed and even look in the mirror and think their overweight when there really not. its sick and that should not even happen. Even with men the media is harsh because they have to have great hair or a ” six-pack” just like women but i dont think the media affects men as much as it does women.

assignment 3

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They had no real proof someone was a witch so how could they just acuse people of that and just hang them because they laugh during prayer or act a little wierd does not make them a witch..just saying. And if was me i would not confess to something like that, only god knows my faith.

  These witches compare to the puritan witches because in the movie they lived back in the puritan time and they did spells and in the end the town knew and they got hung.